by Christopher Hernandez

Has social media feedback started to shape who we are as individuals? ASU student Megan Lindsay examines this question in her dissertation work.

by Rebecca Howe

While many view warfare as a breakdown between societies, Arizona State University anthropologist Sarah Mathew views it as an outgrowth of cooperation.

Thanks to Phoenix's rising temperatures it's bee season – and many residents are coming into contact with these complex creatures. Fortunately, Arizona State University Provost Robert E. Page Jr. is a bee expert and has some fun facts to share.

by Joseph Kullman

An undergraduate’s research is helping create next-generation electronics, and earned her a trip to the Nobel Prize ceremonies.

by Michelle Schwartz

An international team led by ASU sustainability scientist Arianne Cease found that what we choose to eat – and what we excrete as waste – can influence the nutrient cycle on a large scale.

by Nikki Cassis

A team of 12 ASU students launched a giant research balloon to collect panoramic video and thermal imaging data as part of a state-wide project.

by Richard Harth

New research by ASU's Carlo Maley and his colleagues may lead to new models in both the diagnosis and treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML), one of the most lethal and treatment-resistant forms of blood cancer.

by Erik Wirtanen

ASU computer scientist Paulo Shakarian is leading a new study exploring how content spreads on social media.

By Skip Derra

A new study from Arizona State University details some of the dynamics at play as California's Central Valley prepares for substantial population growth.

by Joseph Kullman

Arizona State University computer scientist Carole-Jean Wu is gaining attention for her work to improve the energy efficiency of both large- and small-scale computing nodes.