By Maureen Roen

In his co-edited anthology “The Civil War: Told By Those Who Lived It,” Arizona State University historian Brooks Simpson explores the bloody conflict in detail.

by Nikki Cassis

ASU researchers have located the impact crater from an asteroid that hit the moon in 2013, causing the largest explosion humans have ever observed on the moon's surface.

by Allie Nicodemo

Ecologists don’t just work in the wilderness. Urban ecologists at ASU’s CAP LTER are helping us to understand how humans and nature interact in the city, and to maximize the benefits we get from our environment.

by Sandra Leander

ASU researchers co-led a study which discovered a dramatic decline in male genetic diversity between 4,000 and 8,000 years ago, likely the result of an accumulation of material wealth.

by Richard Harth

Josh LaBaer and Karen Anderson of ASU's Biodesign Institute are developing new biomarkers that can reveal the presence of diseases like cancer before patients display any outward symptoms.

by Joseph Kullman

ASU engineering professor Konrad Rykaczewski and his team have devised a method for de-icing the skin of airplanes from the way a tropical frog releases toxic substances.

by Alicia Canales

ASU alum Shantanu Bala is helping people with visual and hearing disabilities know what they can't sense.

The earliest fossilized evidence of our human genus has been discovered in Ethiopia by a team of ASU scientists and students.

by Erin Barton

A group of scholars at Arizona State University is addressing long-term sustainability problems by using a potent combination of humanistic scholarship and scientific research.

by Richard Harth

ASU professor Petra Fromme contributed to a first-of-its-kind study that could help lead to non-addictive painkillers.