by Richard Harth

ASU researchers have released a study which examines the levels of detection and patient isolation required to shut down transmission of the Ebola virus.

by Heather Beshears

ASU professor Jill Messing's research has found that The Lethality Assessment Program offers a way for social service providers and police to implement more holistic solutions to domestic violence.

by Richard Harth

A researcher from ASU is working to increase the power of poultry in Uganda by introducing hybrid chickens to local farmers.

by Melissa Wenzel

A new study published by ASU graduate students found that customers with higher incomes and levels of education were more likely to notice and use calorie labels at fast food restaurants.

by Erin Barton

Researchers at Arizona State University have turned their attention to making buildings more sustainable by figuring out how to save energy and use materials with less negative impact.

By Melissa Wenzel

Researchers at ASU are studying the effectiveness of yoga as a treatment for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

by Jenny Green

New research by ASU scientists has unlocked the method of evolution for green fluorescent protein, a major breakthrough for the biosciences.

by Nate McIntyre

Michelle Bravo and her team at i Rock The Boots have set out to give back to veterans while promoting the “strength and femininity” of women in public service.

by Judy Nichols

Gail-Joon Ahn, an ASU engineering professor, is working on tools that will make transactions more secure and allow individuals to control the privacy of their information.

From the mountains of Mars to vents on the deep ocean floor, Arizona State University researchers have explored far and wide over the past 20 years. This timeline tells the story of some of ASU’s biggest discoveries and innovations since then.