Government shutdown information and guidance

by Diane Boudreau

On October 1, 2013, Congress failed to reach a budget agreement, forcing a government shutdown. The federal agencies have individual plans on how this shutdown will impact their operations. We will be adhering to the guidance released by each agency and sharing information as it comes in here.

For active awards, please continue to execute your project according to the agreed upon scope of work and budget. Our obligated awards have been made with FY13 and earlier appropriations and spending can continue at this time unless you are specifically notified otherwise.

For continuing awards, those that will be made with FY13 and earlier appropriations should not be affected but will likely be delayed by the government shutdown.

For proposals, per instructions received from NSF and NIH, proposals will not be submitted until the agencies have resumed operations. However, please do not stop working on your proposal - operations could resume at any point.

Click here for a full, official list of Agency Contingency Plans from the White House.

Please feel free to contact your Research Advancement staff or Lisa Mosley (, or call 727-9754 if you have specific questions or concerns.